Chef – Is ‘COACHING TEAMS’ part of your job description?

By Martin Probst, Learning & Development Whiz at Leading Chef Academy

If you want to learn how to coach your team, please read my published article in inspired COACH page 7-8 & 39-44

Leading Teams cover page 39&40


Gaining Trust and Respect Get the Foundation right 3D coverGaining Trust and Respect Plan Ahead 3D cover

If you want to get more information on coaching teams and other highly beneficial leadership strategies you need as a ‘Leading Chef’, then check out our resources here.


Check out the interview with Glenn Wright, Executive Chef Hilton South Wharf Melbourne.

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By Martin Probst

In a nutshell, Martin Probst is the Managing Director of LEADING CHEF ACADEMY. He is not interested in teaching you how to suck eggs and is convinced that you are a top banana if it comes to your cooking ability. His mission is to add to your existing kitchen experience a blend of innovative LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT & ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS skills, so you can taste the success you deserve for all the hard work you put into your career over the years. His vision is to connect modern chefs around the globe and take them to the next level with our online education & training solutions.

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