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High-powered education & training resources tailored to Executive Chefs, eager to educate and train themselves and their kitchen brigade. We provide a hub of online or blended delivery that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

As experienced chefs, we understand that with your demanding long hours and high intensity work schedule, you currently have limited time for Leadership Development, Employee Management and Organizational Effectiveness.

Therefore we offer Training and Educational Resources carefully developed by chefs for chefs that are available as download and online training delivered to your kitchen office or comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world.

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Review from Steven Deer | Industry Manager | Innovation & Business Skills Australia

Gaining Trust & Respect Resources

“This is a well written guide for chefs to make that step up to leadership. What I loved most, was that it was full of ‘Real Life’ information and not just a rehash of a lot of text book talk.

It is full of tried & tested information from people who are well respected as being at the top of the tree within their industry.

All in all, it was a pleasure to read and even offered some insights to this old mind.”


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The Leading Chef Academy provides simple to understand and powerful solutions specifically tailored to Executive Chefs and their kitchen brigade.

What puts our products and services at the top is the deep understanding of the dynamics and challenges in a high-pressured kitchen environment. We incorporate our learnings and experiences from all over the world in commercial cookery, formal education, coaching, mentoring and consulting in everything we do. This holistic skill set and a no-nonsense approach is our secret to help you get the success you deserve.

Listen to what Executive Chef at Hilton South Wharf, Glenn Wright has to say…

Martin Probst In Action

…at the thirteenth International Hospitality, Tourism and Events Research Conference Switzerland.

The three presentations focused on communication strategies to create effective group dynamics, resolve conflict situations quickly and motivate their staff to peak performance.

Here a short segment on a bonus session that Martin delivered to a small group of ambitious leaders…

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I had the pleasure of hosting Martin Probst as a guest speaker at our Thirteenth International Hospitality, Tourism and Events Research Conference. Martin delivered a thoroughly engaging workshop on high powered communication strategies in leadership. Those who attended were given a valuable insight into conflict resolution and effective team building. Martin’s workshop and speaking skills left an inspiring effect on all who participated.

Ross Tinsley | Head of Research at HTMi, Switzerland